Ever wonder how people used to "sober up" before the 12 Steps or where the  principles and applications of recovery came from? Before the "Big Book" there was the Bible. Before "12 Step" recovery, there were temperance movements, revivals, and fellowships like the "Oxford Group" and "Washingtonians". These and countless other groups and movements down through the centuries sought to - and did - help many of those we know today as "alcoholics" or "addicts", as well as those suffering from other maladies. The "common solution" found and practiced nearly universally has been spiritually based, in a "Power greater than ourselves".   

    In the first AA groups there was controversy about the word God. For some, God was known in traditional religious ways; other members were agnostic. This first group used the expression "God, as we understand God" because our definitions were restricted by human limitations. Using this new expression of their spiritual relationship was not intended to alienate, but rather to reconcile individuals to God. And it worked - lives were restored.

The basic principles of A.A., as they are known today, were borrowed mainly from the fields of religion and medicine, though some ideas upon which success finally depended were the result of noting the behavior and needs of the Fellowship itself. - Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p 16

    The book "Alcoholics Anonymous" was published in 1939, and the fellowship began in 1935. Those first groups used several resources, such as "The Common Sense of Drinking" (Peabody), "The Sermon on the Mount" (Fox), and many others, but especially the Bible, in the years before the publication of the "Big Book", and for many years after.

    Overcomers Outreach uses the 12 Steps of AA and the Bible to grow in our relationship and understanding of God. We recover together as we meet to study and grow in God's Word. Our groups are all welcoming, regardless of age, race, lifestyle, background, or belief. We invite you to join us in this study, and at any of our meetings nationwide, as we discover together the wisdom of God's Word.


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. - Proverbs 9:10